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Mystery Anvil ID

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Hey fellas. So my friend and co-conspirator on this project managed to source a "proper" anvil somewhere local to him. It's about 100# or so, estimated, and has no markings which I could see in the pictures he sent me. I was wondering if maybe someone here was familiar enough with anvil design to perhaps tell me if we purchased a dud. It was only 75 bucks, so no horrible loss, but still, nice to now if it's worth swapping with my metal block. As you can see the edges and face are pretty beat up but I think with a little professional help I could get it serviceable again, provided it's of a suitable material.

Here are the images I have: 




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looks like a cast iron ASO due to no face shown in the broken edge shot and the "fake" faceplate in the casting.  Try the ball bearing test for confirmation.  OTOH it will hold hardy tools, has a pritchel and a horn and so will be a handy addition to your real anvil block of steel

Yeah, the hardy hole is really the reason I'd be interested, figured that sort of thing would come in handy eventually.

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