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I Forge Iron

Hi From North York,Ontario,Canada


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Hi everyone I've been collecting Knives for a while and decided to start making my own knives at this point I'm putting together some tools and

equipment and also reading and talking to as many knife smiths as i can to gather as much information I can on tools ,equipment and there techniques.

My background and day job is Motorcycle Mechanic and Custom Bike Builder I have done a fare amount of welding and metal fabricating I'm very comfortable around hot metal and most tools big or small. 


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Lots of good knife smiths here, some great ones as well. Read the stickies and the knife chat/knife leasons. 

Almost every ine agrees that basic smithing skills are the foundation of knife smithing so expect to be advised to make hooks, brakets, puncheS, tongs and other tools to practice basic smithing. I can say, if you have a forge and anvil they become your go to shop tool, straitening, bending, fabing up brakets etc. 

welcome to a new addiction. 

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