Found anvils and vise at Peddler's mall in Somerset, KY

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While out looking for smithing tools I happened upon this post vise (no pictures) I saw just out of the corner of my eye and rushed over because I was so excited about having found something blacksmithing related that I didn't notice anything else. While looking it over I saw something else in my peripherals. I don't know how I didn't trip on it but in my excitement I just past it by. A nice 100 lb Swedish (according to the tag) anvil for only $475 and on the floor next to it a smaller I am guessing about 40 lbs for $75. The large one had nice edges and no noticeable robots in the face. The smaller one was a cast iron judging by the pitting on it. I didn't jump on them because they were out of my budget but figured someone else might. 

IMAG0729.jpg Oh and the vise I mentioned was a small 4" jawed one with mounting plate and spring intact for $90. Address for anyone that wants it - 345 N US Hwy 27 #10, Somerset, ky

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