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New UK forge question


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Hello, I am now at the stage in the set up of my new workshop that I need a forge. Having done some research the two main suppliers of big back blast water cooled forges I can find are Greystone and Vaughns.


for the 1 meter version Vaughns are selling for aprox 1400:




Gravestone are selling the equivalent for 1330:




I wonder if anyone had any experience of using these two that would allow me to make an informed decision?


Vaughn’s use a cast iron breast plate, Is that worth the extra? 


Many thanks



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Take it on and build it as project for yourself?…you know exactly how much you will earn for a change!

What sort of work do you wish to do? Would a gas forge be better for you? Do you want a side or bottom blast type? Coal or coke or charcoal? Do you work alone/with a striker/with a power hammer/with a press?

There are a few disadvantages with a water-cooled tuyere. The cast iron breast plate will out live a mild steel plate one by a generation or two. A mild steel one of sufficient thickness will outlast you.

Look for a second hand one?

You understand from the number of questions that I have asked that it is not just a choice between two makers that anybody can make for you without knowing about you, your work, your aspirations and your circumstance.

Go visit a smith or two and chat, attend a forge in or two, look at the classifieds in the BABA newsletter.


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Thanks for the reply

I looked at building one with the more complex components supplied and the saving was not worth the work, plus I don't have all the equipment I would need to do it at the moment. 

I wanted a back blast water cooled designs for longevity and because thats what i have used in the past. I will start off small but want the flexibility to work big stock later on. I hope to use charcoal or another solid fuel if my supplier doesn't work out.

Second hand ones do come up but the last few on eBay were not that much cheaper than a new one but I will keep looking. 


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