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I would like to know how you sharpen your blades. Stones, belts, strops whatever. I'm curious to see what everyone is using. I don't have any pics of my stones at the moment but I'll post them later. Usually all I use on my knives is my three sided stone with Remington oil. If the blade is really ruff I'll use a 600 grit belt to get the edge back before going to the stones, and lately I have started using a stropping block I made. The leather really makes a difference on the final edge.

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The answer is *yes* I sharpen my knives.  I have used everything from a stone picked up out of a stream to arkansas surgical black.  In general I rough on the belt grinder till 220 grit and then go to old "india stones" (aluminum oxide). Chrome on a strop when I feel excessive.

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