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I Forge Iron

File steel & walnut

Don A

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Our living history group at Ft. Loudoun does a gift exchange every year. Here's one I made for one of the guys.
It is based on the typical "trade knife" profile, but it is a bit fancier than most trade pieces would have been.
Not sure what to call it, but it seems to fit the period.

Photo 1
It is an old file, forged to shape, finished with files and sanded to 800grit.

Photo 2
The bolsters are poured pewter. The pins are 10p nails. The slabs are local black walnut.

Photo 3
The sheath is just veg tan leather dyed with Esquire shoe polish.

My camera is pretty lame, but you get the idea.





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Don, GREAT WORK! You make a couple of those and sell them off, you will be able to get a nicely setup KMG(connecting to the other thread). i like how the bolster comes up on the blade like that, very different and it looks nice. Gorgeous wood on there too. Great blade shape, looks like a great knife.

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Thanks fellers.

I have never sold a knife before, but I have given away several.

I have received enough positive feedback from the give-aways that I wouldn't be ashamed to sell one.

What I lack is the discipline to make a few simply for the sake of having them on hand. I generally will get bogged down with other stuff until I get in a situation where I have to get one made.

Maybe I work better under pressure?

Anyhow, that'll do for a good New Year's resolution... "More Productive in '08"

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