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Hot Rolled vs. Cold Rolled

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I recently stumbled across some plans for building a 2x72 inch belt grinder. Basically a KMG clone. The material list for the machine specifies cold roll material. It is decidedly easier for me to find scrap hot roll. Will using hot roll instead of cold roll really make a difference? I did some initial research, and it kind of seems like I should be fine with hot roll, but I thought I would ask. I know cold roll should be a little harder, or more rigid, but will it make that much of difference? I thought another reason they say cold roll might just be the appearance..


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I too, agree that cold rolled will give better tolerances. However, if the tolerances are something you are able to fudge a little, or perhaps provide a bit of shimming, (sliding parts etc.) hot rolled should work for most purposes that call for mild steel. A lot depends on a persons individual skills and knowledge of mechanics. If you are comfortable with making minor modifications to a design, go for it! :) "Improvise, adapt, and overcome!!"

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OK my nickels worth. I never buy cold rolled unless I need a shaft to fit a bearing or a really tight nice fit to precision tubing ( or when something is not available in hot rolled ). Hot rolled is cheaper and has always met my needs. I will also say that hot rolled sheet lacks sometimes in quality ( new steel today ) and I do buy cold rolled in that regard.

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