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Ugly box tongs


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Usually when I work with a long bar of steel, I just weld on some mild steel at the end in order to handle the last feet and a half while forging. Recently I started working with some short damascus bars that are just too precious to waste an inch from. I took some 10 mm mild steel stock and made some box tongs.

I turned the sotck into an L, and then flattened the short bit. Then I folded the flat bit around itself and back again to make a T of which the horizontal piece was a double layer of flattened steel. Then I forge welded and flattened those bits, and folded the short end of the T into a box. The other half of the tongs was more or less standard. The pin is an old piano string pin. I have a ton of them from my neighbor kid who restores old pianos.

The result is quite ugly, but it works very well. I shaped the box to the width of the damascus stock, and the grip is rock solid.




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Yeah, your razor in the other thread is exquisite - don't think I'd worry about how the tongs look.

I will say I built two pair of tongs many years ago for a special job that required holding short pieces of steel.  Those are very similar to your pic here.

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