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I Forge Iron

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Not real proud of this one except I finally figured out the proper preform to be able to knock one out pretty easily.  I had a couple of minor flaws in a couple of welds, so it won't be finished and sold, but solid enough I will keep it in my mule for use around the place.  Just stuck a cheap hickory handle in it and did a little decorative burning.

Head was welded up from bits and bobs of left over wrought iron, some pretty ratty.  Bit is 1084.  I did just enough grinding to clean the scale off and be able to etch and see how the wrought iron came out.  Not the most even grinding, but will be functional, like I said, just enough so I could etch and see what the wrought looked like.  Shame about the flaws, but I have a pretty good idea of what I did wrong and will correct it on future hawks and those will get a bit more file work and cleaning up.

Anyway, after all the complicated preforms I tried, I finally figured out to use a piece about 1 1/4" wide by 1/4" thick about 12" long, draw the ends down, wrap around the drift, forge weld the center and add the bit.  I know it's old hat to a lot of you, but I didn't have anybody to show me the easy way to make these and kept trying to make a step down and such.  In any event, it'll make a useful tool for the woods around here.



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Thanks, not vice edges, just where I knocked the majority of the scale and hammer marks down on the belt grinder.  Normally I'd put a small shelf there with a file, along with a little moulding, this I just left rough ground.  It'll get nice and rusty in my mule, I just wanted an idea of what the wrought would look like.  Will be doing another from welded up bits of wrought iron again, hopefully taking precautions against welding flaws next time!

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