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8 Flanges from lawn mower blades brazed(bronze) to a 18" tapered section of black gas pipe, with 3/4 round solid brazed into a twisted handle, skull crusher pommel. Still need to add a lanyard and to clean it up a bit.  This was the first thing I really ever brazed, it needs work but looks cool. It weighs about 6 pounds, so its a little heavy. We're definitely going to make another more nimble one or two.

It was harder than I thought it would be though so now I have a better idea of what I need to make one.



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Looks really good, now go crush whatever you can and try your hardest to destory it so the next one will be tougher! And video please so I can watch I am curious how the brazing will hold up to impact.

​Thanks, yeah I have some testing in mind for it. I have to get around to trying to heat treat the tips at least and maybe the edges first. Gonna try the "letting the colors run" approach for each flange I think, unless some one has a better idea. I tried to anneal the flanges before I cut them and everything around the brazing should have been by the time I got done :) so I don't think they are brittle.

We hit a cantaloupe with it, the flanges channeled the "guts" right at me, pretty funny.

I'm thinking about making another one already. This was my first attempt at a quasi CG video using Sketchup so its kinda buggy, but here is the concept. I think I may weld the next one though.


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