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What are Carburetors made off


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I don't know the percentage but it is definately pot metal which is zinc and al.

But there is no standard, different manufactuer's may use different alloys.

FYI die cast is not an alloy it is a process, and it is just as it sounds, molten metal (typically pot metal due to it's fluidness) is cast in a die, which is a permanent mold, it is also forced in under psi verses poured in when sand casting.

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Zinc, aluminum, tin, magnesium, traces of copper, some silicon...

It's called "pot metal" basically because they threw whatever thay had into the pot at the time. (The term dates back a century or more.)

Today, on new carburetors (which basically means Edelbrock's Carter clones, Holleys and the Demon line) the alloy is much more refined, of course, but it boils down to, again, being predominantly a zinc/tin/aluminum alloy.

It's a fairly low melting alloy, about 1200F or less, as I recall, but I'm also told you need to be really careful with it, as overheating it starts the various components boiling and seperating. I wouldn't recommend the alloy for anything other than decorative items- nameplates and such. Do NOT use it for anything more structural than a candleholder. :D


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I'm not so sure about that...

I'm pretty sure they are aluminum, or a magnesium alloy. Zinc "pot metal" wouldn't hold up to the vibrations, or even the bolts being tightened down.

The old hood ornaments such as like on the old 55s, 56s, 57 chevys were made of "pot" metal. They stood up to years of hood slamming, vibration, etc. I don't know what carbs are/were made of, (a good part of the old mopar "Thermo-quad" was plastic;)), but pot metal is pretty tough stuff
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