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New knife


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I saw the last Hobbit movie a few weeks ago and fell in love with Thranduils sword, so I decided to try and make my own interpretation of a knife version.


Made from 1084 H. Carbon. Blade is 9 1/4 inch with an overall length of 15 1/8. I put more work into the finish on the blade portion this time around to really get those deep scratches out and bring out the shine. I also finally received my makers mark stencils for electrochemical etching. Sharp enough to take hair off your arm. (Done with the lansky system).

The blade has a slight warp to the right near the tip from heat treating.

The bevel line is flawed into the classic smiley due to leaving too much material near the hilt. (even though I tried to evenly grind them in one pass at a time).

So all in all, i'm semi-pleased with the result. I'm zeroing in my skills and hopefully soon I'll make a passable knife. Let me know if you guys see anything additional I could work on.




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Try using it. The hardest part of these larger blades is making something that can be used for hours on end. I struggle with my machetes - they are always too heavy - something like this I could see hurting the hand after a while. Looking at reference online I can see that movie prop has a rounded-off handle, maybe consider upsetting the width of the handle (probably not the right wording) to make it more cylindrical. 

The polish looks immaculate, have you tried a hamon yet? If I remember your posts correctly, you favor simpler steels (1080, 1084, 1095) which would take well to the process.. just saying :)

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I actually just yesterday bought some fire clay to try a Hamon on my next piece. And you are correct, I'm still using the 1084 Steel so I am really stoked to give it a try.


The blade is light but slightly off balance. The point of balance is about two finger-widths up the blade. But it handles well and I can use it for a while without any cramping or discomfort.  


I didn't have enough metal to upset the handle and maintain the dimensions I wanted. I thought about forge welding on some mild steel sandwhich style for the handle, but it was an afterthought. I will round off the handle and take that sharp edgeline off.


Thanks for the response, means a lot to a fledgling smith.

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