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I Forge Iron

Here's Me. A Pyromaniac with a Hammer.


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But seriously...

My name is Amy. I'm twenty-five years old, six amazingly expensive credits away from graduating with a minor in Creative Writing and a Bachelor's Comprehensive Degree in Art (emphasis on Metalsmithing), and I take an unnatural sort of glee from pounding hot steel with a hammer.

I place the blame entirely on Finnr's shoulders. For un-innocently bringing up Blacksmithing at an SCA meeting. For placing a hammer in my waiting hands. And for pointing me towards this site. Ladies and gentlemen, you are now stuck with me.

I can only guess that I will be a lifelong addict. And am happy for it.

Anyways. Nice to meet you all. Supposedly I shall be doing more posting, though I might wait until there's a topic I know anything about. I'm only two months into my lessons, and so shall embrace the practice of silence... and/or... practice. :p

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Amy, welcome aboard. I had a nice young lady come to the shop at Midwest Old Threshers a couple of years ago. Wife and Mother. Some farrier training and had a place to work in her home state of Missouri. She spent a large amount of time at the shop. Have not heard from her again. She had the passion Ian speaks of. Absolute intensity. I am hoping she will contact me again and bring here husband with her for a visit to the home shop. With your education in metals I can hope that you will become more knowledgable in process as time goes on and I am fairly sure that Finnr will have a lot to do with that. I have one son, 2 daughters ( 24 and 28 YO ) and one grandson, 4 granddaughters ( one in the forge as well ). Oldest granddaughter ( 7 ) is very interested in the shop. One never knows. Seeing in the minds eye is a gift. I wish you well.

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