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Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, or if I didn't take the proper steps first
But I was wondering if someone could get me information for some gauntlets

I was trying to get my hands on a pair of gauntlets that look something like the attached photo.

If any one could get me information such as:
A blacksmith I could contact
Ballparking the price
And where I could get a lesser quality if the blacksmthing price is to high for me
Any more information you could provide would be much apreciated :D

Thanks for listening


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May I suggest you take this query over to the armourarchive.org which is a series of forums *dedicated* to the modern making of medieval and renaissance armour.

This is not a job for a blacksmith but for an armourer (and yes they use the english spelling of armour and not the american one in the url.)

As previously mentioned do list your intended use and approximate location; shoot you may want to check the classifieds section to see if someone has a pair for sale right now!

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