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Gitchner 2015

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This years event is going to be Friday, 1/9/2015 dinner time, to Sunday, lunch time, 1/11/15 at Dave Hutchinson's farm in Cordova, Md.  They are now taking registration.  Information is on the MASA website.  I will be there with my Fisher label shirts and mini anvils for sale, and to enjoy the camaraderie.  There is always a great group of people there.  If you can make it down, it is well worth the trip.  And they usually have a great demonstrator.

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Now that I got instructions how to add photos, I am back to adding them.


This is the demo area at Gichner's in the big pole barn at Hutchinsons's Farm.




Photo of the iron that followed me home:


Two anvils, two butresses, two froes made by Jud Nelson, a piece of a cast iron column, a large forged spoon, and a few other pieces.  A good haul for the museum.



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