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Leather Aprons

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I also glue up most seams before stitching...Barge is fine, it sometimes helps to rough up the seam with some coarse sandpaper or a really small wire brush (hand held, not powered!) before gluing - I wipe the seam with leather cement thinner before glue up if the leather is particularly oily (I use leather cement thinner because it's there on my bench - lighter fluid or some other solvent will work as well...BTW...FLAMMABLE! Use common sense, be safe). The solvent isn't necessary on most leathers, though.
I've not made one with the crossed straps, though I've seen 'em...looks like the way to go.

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What do you need...hmmm...first you need an anvil, then a vice, then some tongs, a better hammer, a gas forge, a bigger coal forge, some anvil tools, more anvil tools, more tongs, a welder, a drill press, a lathe, a bigger shop, a grinder, a belt grinder, a power hammer, a bender, a bigger power hammer, etc.,ad infinitum. I'm sure glad my wife is into this - she makes me stop for scrap piles and junk sales - darn, I'm lucky!

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I had the same problem sourcing an apron. I found a place that makes sofas etc. They had whole skins and were happy to make aprons to my design. They put leather straps on them. If they break I shall replace with some old judo belts I have got. (Great stuff for loads of uses).

Look after your apron and it will last you years. I put dubbin on mine and also I wear it when we are cooking outside. Any grease from the food gets rubbed in as well!

If you are making one make it as big as you can. A real wrap around one with plenty of length. You can always trim it down but you won't want to especially if you do much work kneeling.

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Welcome to the site and the world of blacksmithing! I spent several years in Rolla getting my engineering degree and working for a small consulting firm. I still own real estate there.

I trust that you have found the BAM website and have made contact with several of the members. Several members are from Rolla. One member has a shop near Lecoma if I remember correctly and has Hammer-ins from time to time.

I bought my apron at Harbor Freight for well under $10. Nearest locations are St Loius and Blue Springs (Kansas City, MO) and there may be one in Columbia and of course the web. However it has been several years since I lived in Missouri.

The apron is leather and not the best quality, but I dont wear it that much and forge without an apron much of the time as they can be very hot in the summer.

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