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I Forge Iron

AMAZING forging documentary

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Thank You for your consideration to share this video with us. 

I have been at this craft for a few years now, and I have never got tired of watching the forging process

play out in all of it's different forms. 


The forging process has a wide range of venues that would include a person found in his backyard

using a brake drum forge fueled with charcoal, a hair dryer for the blower, and using a piece of railroad track for an anvil,

right on up through all skill levels to, and including what is seen in this video.


I find every level of the forging process interesting and productive.  

When I view the videos on "you tub" of blacksmiths using rocks to forge scrap steel into useful products

and pieces of art, it humbles me.

I believe that Forging (Blacksmithing) at ever level has it's own merit. 


Thanks again for posting.

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