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I Forge Iron

New kid

Dan W

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Just joined. Have lurked for awhile. I'm basically a hobbyist rather than a full time smith. My wife and I are historical reenactors and we like to make the things we use. I take care of the iron, leather and wood and she takes care of the woolens, linens and food.

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JAFO, Welcome to IFI!
Hobbyist or full time blacksmith, skill is skill, and this is a good place to keep one foot in the door for good information.
I suggest you go for it as though you were a full time blacksmith. What you put into this craft is given back many times over. Little effort in = little satisfaction in return.
Ya got to earn your burns! As the great "Finnr" would say.
Please forgive my aggressive suggestions in advance. But I love this avocation of mine, and become a little pushy with the concept, but only with the best of intentions.
What ever you do, "Do It Safely"
Old Rusty Ted

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Cool! I'd love to come along, but it's a few thousand miles out of my way ;)

I'm a second-year archaeology student at the moment. I want to take an MA in Exerimental archaeology once I'm done and do some work with living museums and such. I'm into a fairly broad period, from the early iron age to the upper mediaeval. One of the reasons I forge on charcoal! :D

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One of my wifes degrees is in history, She concentrated on the Dark Ages, and I was fortunate enough to spend 2 1/2 years at RAF Sculthorpe in East Anglea.
I forge with either coal or charcoal myself. I made the obligatory knife that every smith must make. :) I like to do our camp needs.
At Fort T/J we have a working 1760's forge that is open at least once a month, and I'm fortunate enough to live within 10 miles of Master Smith Jeff Mohr and he has an open forge at his house every wendsday from 730 - 9 pm
I am indeed fortunate.

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