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Hay Budden hardware company ID? Hercules?

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I found this lovely 250# Hay Budden, made in 1901.
Clearly a HB by the bottomside, shape, serial number, and number stamps by the handling hole under the horn.

But what I'm trying to figure out is what stamping is on the side.  Postman shows several HB anvils that were made for different hardware companies but none seem to look like these stampings, or at least what I can make of them. Several pictures Postman shows have the "SOLID WROUGHT" under the name of the hardware company.  He has a listing of many hardware companies that HB made anvils for, but unfortunately does not have pictures of them all.

This anvil plainly has the "SOLID WROUGHT" stamp on the side, and possibly "WARRANTED" under that, not sure. But above that is what I can't quite make out.


I'd like to see some other HERCULES stamps to know if this might be the same.  Anyone have some pics?

I'm not sure if I can  make out a "H" character right above the O in SOLID....  If so, the character spacing would be about right for this to say HERCULES.  And possibly the two uprights of the "U" character. But the L character looks like the bottom horizontal part is angled








The only picture I've ever seen of a HERCULES HB anvil stamp is attached below. 

The L character is not very visible so I can't tell if the bottom  part of the L is angled or not.

Anyone else have a picture of a HERCULES stamp?


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Hi Black Frog, I have a Hay Budden Hercules I will try to get some pics of the stamp for you and get em posted tonight or tomorrow morning. I think they were a Midwest hardware company a friend of mine in  Two Harbors has a couple of them too. That's a nice looking Hay Budden a good size to use!

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Here are a couple of pics of a Hercules Hay Budden, it is about 120 lbs. Hope this helps. It came out of an old farm blacksmith shop lots of use but mostly legible logo. I threw out my back and its not quite healed yet  so didn't want to lug it out in better light but the logo shows up ok.






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