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Blacksmithing stuff in Charleston WV

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I'm headed to Charleston WV, this week and I was wondering if there were anything good blacksmithing resources around that area. I'll be lookingn for stuff along the way and will be comming in from the north.

What I am looking for is blacksmithing supply shops or anything I guess blacksmith related.

I'm in the market for:
- Good Coal
- Bar stock (round, flat and square)
- Assorted old "junky looking" tools ;-).
- Very easy to use Flux for starting forge welding.
- Etc....

I know all of these can be had online but figured if I was on my way down there anyway, I might as well keep my eyes open.

So if you guys know of any shops or resources down there drop me a line. Thanks.


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Thanks Glenn. Actually I'll be headed down there tomorrow. Where's the new steel location that your talking about that's in the middle of town? Right now after seeing whitesmith's how to for the easytongs I'm looking to get some bar stock to get started on that project. A couple of the gents on chat Sunday told me about his anvilfire demo. So that'll probably be my first tong attempt, followed by some of the bp's listed here.

As for the flux are you refering to just 20 mule team borax?

Thanks again Glenn for the tips.


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