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Neat "welding assist" tool

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We had a hammer in last weekend and I learned a great deal.  One lady blacksmith was setting up to forge weld some 1/8" square stock that she'd wired together for a faggot weld.  She had a block of metal approximately 5" square and approximately 1-1/2" thick that had a 1' long bar welded to it with a hook on the end. It was shaped as a swage block with half-round swages on one side.  The other side was flat.  The block gets heated in the forge then transferred to the anvil just before the weld to keep the anvil from acting as a heat sink.  The swage side gets used for welding long thin stock as the swages help to align both pieces during the weld. The flat side get's used for whatever other small stock welds you might want to do.  Obviously it could be used as an anvil heater in cold weather as well.


I apologize for the lack of a photo - the smith was camera shy and I didn't want to upset her.  Talking to other smiths at the hammer in I learned this tool was on a youtube video but nobody could recall specifics on how to find it.

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