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Back in black: tomahawk batch

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I got these finished up and out to customers just before my wedding, so haven't had a chance to post pics yet.  This was a small batch that all happened to be 18" models in black.
First, a War Chief with sharpened inner beard, no sheath.
Then a different War Chief with a bare sheath.
A third War Chief with IWB bands on the sheath.
He wanted his retention strap to go from above the spike to under the beard, instead of how I usually set them up.  However, I cut the straps long enough that they can be easily set up that way and still have some adjustability.
And finally, a Woodsman, unsharpened beard, with a shoulder sling.
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I have to keep reminding myself that I already have one hanging in the closet at home XD I find this design so much more appealing than the ugly-nomic tactical 'hawks from the mass produced market, and the sub-tactical/woodsy stuff from places like CRKT.

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