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looking for a flexible high temp sealant.


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The big Blue M convection oven at work has air getting into the chamber from somewhere. Blue M just told us to weld up all of the seams. My issue with welding is that welds eventually crack with the cycling of the oven temps. The stainless chamber is fairly large, and would require a bunch of welding. Is there high temp (1,070° F max) sealant that would flex with the chamber, as well as not contaminate the parts we heat treat? We used a type of caulk on the ovens in the foundry I worked at, and they hit 2,100. But I cannot remember the details.

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Copeltite, we use it on steam line gaskets that operate in the 1000 Deg range. Not sure how flexible this product remains after exposed to high temp but it is effective. Also, on furnace cracks we use aplastic refractory, pliable when green but dries hard when fired. One other idea, the adhesive they use on heat reflecting ceramic tiles.


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