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Hello from Seattle


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My name is Matt, I'm happy to be here on this forum as I think I can learn a lot here. 


A friend and I are wanting to get in to blacksmithing due to a mutual interest in arms and armor from the medieval period up through the American Civil War. We want to research tools and techniques used and hopefully start a shop of our own today. The ultimate goal for us is to be able to forge a rifle barrel by hand as they did in the 18th and early 19th century but we both realize that we need to put in a lot of work in order to get there.


The problem is that neither of us have a whole lot of capital and therefore at the moment are not able to afford classes at the moment. We are hoping we can find a blacksmith in our area who we can perhaps come to an agreement with and possibly work with on weekends. I figure this may be a good place to start looking.

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Hey Matt. Good to have you here with us. Take a minute when you have a chance and add your location to your profile so we know where you are located.


Seattle is a beautiful area. I spent 5 years out there back in the early 80's when we were stationed out at Keyport Wa and learned to beat hot steel on an anvil at a  forge when I went to Jr high in Poulsbo Wa.


From what I understand Northwest Blacksmith Association is one group out your way. You might try to see if you can't hook up with them and see if someone can't help you both learn.




You might also want to look into some that are into traditional black powder gun smithing. Stuff like barrel manufacture is going to be a very specific skill and you will most likely find it difficult to easily locate someone local who has the skills needed to teach you some of this.

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Good Morning,


Hi Matt, there will be a NWBA Spring Conference in May, at Longview. Check out the web-site that is posted above.


Love to have you. You will be able to meet all the Blacksmiths in Seattle as well as all Washington, Oregon and B.C.



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DSW, I will certainly try and see if there are any blacksmiths in my area that know a thing or two about black powder gunsmithing.


Swedefiddle, I would love to attend the conference if I can fit it into my schedule. It is tough for me to do things outside of work because I work the night shift.


Otherwise, my background is as a machinist, I learned both manual and CNC techniques in school and now I want to take the plunge into traditional metalworking.

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