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First Demo

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I also enjoy demoing. Much of my smithing is done at Ft. Vancouver, where we talk to the visitors as they come through the shop. Last week I noticed a small town near me having their centennial celebration (Troutdale, Or. for anyone familiar). I went out to the small historical museum to look around, started talking to the people there and ended up taking my set-up out the next day. We had about 300 3rd to 5th graders come through all day and I had a blast. Mainly made nails for each group and let each class take three with them. If you like to demo, contact your local small historical societies and see what happens. I may be back in a few weeks to smith for a group of seniors.


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After many demos, I find story boards and a plan of what I'll be making really helps the day go along. Folks ask much better questions when there are story boards on the table, and when you've thought out your project from Fish Key chains to boot scrapers or chain shackles - the spectators can see your headed somewhere with your work.


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I hope to get out to see you guys at the state fair again this year.
Unfortunately I have a workshop I am running the first weekend and I am going to Yesteryear forge hammer in the second weekend.

Are there any central NC groups? Whenever I look at the NCABANA schedule it seems like they only meet quarterly.

-Solvarr (another wake county smith)

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there is a local ncabana group based in the triangle. I went to my first meeting with them this past saturday to clean up and prep the smithy at the fiar grounds. Stop by if you get the chance.
The local group meets every even month on the first saturday. pm me if you want more details.

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