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Henry Wright

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My only anvil is a Henry Wright, 108 lbs (at least at the time of manufacture).  It was given to me so the price was great.  I estimate its manufacture at sometime around the 1890-1920 range if I remember the information from Mr. Postman's book correctly.  It has kind of dull,flat sound but at least my ears don't hurt.  The rebound is satisfactory, probably around 75%  on the initial test. The corners were chipped off but I was able to smooth out the roughest edges.  Its pretty flat considering its age. I like it except it's a little small.  I think it compares favorably to the anvils at the museum where I am taking blacksmithing classes and those range from Trenton to Peter Wright and all sorts of anvils whose manufacturer I don't know though almost all of those are much bigger, 150 lbs plus.  I thought about having the face and edges repaired but I think I will save for a larger anvil.  

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    Reading Creek if you're looking to have that anvil fix right down the road I can do that I have fixed alot of anvils all around Ca & other states !

    How about a pic to see what you have ??

Are you going to Weaverville Hammer In this March ?? I will be there if you are bring the anvil to & ask for the anvil repair guy LOL

Steve Portzer or PM me

STEVE'S Welding & Fab & Blacksmithing

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