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HF hammer mods - hot cut and hammer eye punch

Eddie Mullins

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Forged this hot cut and puch  today. The hot cut was forged from a 16oz HF ball peen and the hammer eye punch from a 24oz. Pictured with a 16oz ball peen.


I put the hot cut to the test and  split some spring steel I am going to make a couple nail headers with. I had to trim part of the end of because I had gotten it too thin and it was bending. Work quite well afterwards.









Next I hope to put the puch to use and make a few smaller hammers out of an axle.





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They are cheap enough on sale that with no striker around to help me its worth a few extra dollars to get the head start, plus I have a handle ready to go with it. I don't know that these are the highest quality tools for heavy use, but a good option to get you started. I'm curious to seel how well the ball peen holds up over time as a striking face.

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