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Problem with build up on pieces

John Martin

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hey everybody, by the time i am done with my piece, there is like all kinds of junk like welded onto the piece and i can't get it off, only once did my piece not have all of this stuff on it, how do i prevent this or clean it up once it is down?????/

The Elder M Brother

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A picture would help in analyzing your problem but a few things come to mind. Also, what are you burning...coal, charcoal, gas, buffalo chips? ;)
1) Clean your fire. Clinker maybe sticking on your piece. This can be a problem if you are sticking your part too deep into the fire, like into the clinker which will mostly be at the bottom.
2) Brush your part to remove scale. If you continue to work a piece with scale it becomes harder to clean up when finished.
3) Are you possibly burning your part. This will leave UGLY stuff that cannot be removed.
I'm sure others can shed more light but these are what I thought of when I first read your post.

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Does your piece sparkle like a 4th of july sparkler when you take it out of the fire? If it does you are burning your steel. Also as Thomas said you need to get in the habit of brushing your work quickly with a wire brush as you take it out of the fire to remove the scale.


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