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edges and sharping tecneques


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it is a medium size hunter type knife it is flat ground except i did most the edge work on a bench grinder then followed it up in the linisher and final on a whet stone.
as for matrials it is made from coil spring from a truck, it is hardend in oil and temperd to a medium straw colour.
allso it is quite thick.
as i said ill try to post a pic soon.

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Not really sure what kind of an edge you have on it now ,,but then if it was right you would not have posted this questions. If I had the knife and it was in need of and edge I would use my belt grinder and in short order have it well. However in your position I would start with a smooth cut file I would put the handle in a clamp of some sort to hold it steady Like a padded jaw vise. Then I would draw file the edge for its entire length hold the same angle all the way. To draw file make sure the file has clean teeth and hold it in both hands leaving the middle to do the cutting. Push the file sideways smooth and steady to make a nice angled edge. Every pass clean the teeth. It helps if you rub some soapstone across the teeth to prevent them from clogging. Soapstone is sold at welding shops to mark steel and is not expenisive. Also sold at big box home stores that have tool departments. Do a bit on one side then the other. at some point in the process both sides will meet and if you feel the edge carefully it will have a wire edge, one side of the blade will lay over a small amount, and you cna feel and even see it,,when you have the wire edge the full length the it is time to use your whet stone lay the clean stone on a hard surface and run the blade in full length strokes the length of the stone as if you were trying to take a thin slice of the stone off . do a couple of passes on each side and then the other. When you have removed the wire edge hold the knife edge up and point away from you..sight down the blade and in good light you are loooking for flat spots on the edge if you have any go back to the file and obtain a wire edge and then back to the whetstone. If youi were here I could show you in less time than it takes to read this...good luck.

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