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Stainless steel: hammer material?


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Is stainless steel a good hammer material? i found some 2" round rods 148" long for $100.00 a piece. Is this good for hammers?

They are 15-5PH stainless

I found this composition if it helps 


Carbon 0.07 max.

Manganese 1.00 max.
Phosphorus 0.040 max.
Sulfur 0.030 max.
Silicon 1.00 max.
Chromium 14.00 - 15.50
Nickel 3.50 - 5.50
Copper 2.50 - 4.50
Columbium plus Tantalum 0.15 - 0.45
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Thanks; that's better.  Now look at the carbon content:  7 points *max*---30 points is the lower boundry for medium carbon steels and stainless steels tend to bind carbon in the alloying element carbides if you are not careful.


So not an alloy I would make hammers from; however I might make blade fittings from it...

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"practice hammers" ---Why not just make *real* ones???? 


That alloy will not work like good hammer alloys so what are you practicing?  (making mud pies isn't good practice in making apple pies!)


 at US$100 a piece you could buy a heck of a lot of good hammer steel!


Knife fittings:  guards, pommels, bolsters.  Of course just one of those rods would probably be a more than lifetime supply and not a very easily worked size/shape.  (Unless you are making wheel pommels for medieval swords and even then making 75+ the same would probably be a tad wearing on you even with a good lathe)

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