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Impatients is my downfall

J W Bennett

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Was plasma cutting rose petals yesterday and couldn't see the tracings well through my old O/A glasses. Couldn't find the other glasses But I wanted to get them done so I took the O/A's off and cut with out them.
No sleep last night and still alot of pain today. It's been a few years since I have burn't my eyes. It's as miserable now as it was then. Not something you want to take a refresher in.
If I saw somebody else doing that I would tell them not to. Yet I still did it. And yes I fell real STUPID.
Lost all day today and will probably be squinting alot tomorrow. So much for being in a hurry.


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I burnt my eyes once real good from a surprise arc flash from stepping on the foot pedal of a tig welder to soon, as I was getting ready to weld some 8" pipe - Miller 44G welder set at the max. We were welding that with 3 passes - 1/4" tungsten and 3/16 filler. NOT GOOD FOR THE EYES 4 days off work - luckily eyes are ok now. I surely do not want to do that again though. - JK

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I have only been burnt ( eyes ) twice. Both times with my plasma. I work in a shop full of welders ( and have worked in other shops over the years same way ). I weld at shade 9 for now and I do not have any pain issues or ever have any instances of eye burn while welding. I am I guess lucky. In a shop environment like work there are tons of starts and welds from other welders and your teammate as well. I will assume I will over the years darken up my lens. 10 is ok but I see better with 9. I use shade 5 glasses to gas weld and for the plasma as well. Plasma will nail you yes ( as you now know ). Last time took a week to get fully over it.

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Dang that hurts just to hear about your eyes getting burnt!
Once a person has mastered the art of looking at the bright light for just a second, you will avoid it like having to going to the dentist for a root canal!
I agree with you when you said "Not something you want to take a refresher in".
It's my feeling that some good comes out of this miships because it is (indeed) a good reminder to me be more careful!
Thanks for the reminder!
Old Rusty Ted

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I took a welding class over twenty years ago with about 30 students. Some of them knew nothing about welding. One guy picked up a helmet that had only the clear protector with no shade and the instructor did not notice it. They stick welded 3-4 hours and that poor b!@#$%d watched through a clear lens the entire time. When the instructor finally caught it at lunch break, his eyes were blistered and he could not see. They put him in the hospital for 4 days - his eyesight finally returned but afterwards, he decided welding was not something he wanted to continue learning about...

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