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Another Smelt. No pics, just awesome video.

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This is another smelt at Mark Green's. Explaining how to clean the slag from the bottom of the bloom, and opening the birthing chamber to extract the bloom without tearing down the furnace.


Then another video of the actual birthing of the bloom, the bloom compaction, and then cutting it into workable pieces.


Really addictive to watch and actually participate in. Can't wait to start mine! Be sure to set it to 720p.



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Just an update. Since those pics were taken, I contracted the flu, then bronchitis and pneumonia. It put me out for 2 weeks. Then my smithy time has been taken up by things I had to do to catch up in the yard and whatnot. Then my freetime was spent mining for more ore with a great friend. I did however get some time to fold my bars a time or two more and then combine to one solid bar. After so many cycles of welding heat and pushing out the impurities, the bar total weight is around 1# from a 3# raw bloom chunk. Looking down at my mountain of scale, I would say a press would have given me a little over a pound in weight bar. No matter, this stuff is FUN to hand forge. Sorry for bad second pic. I just took it in poor conditions.


I may fold this bar 2-3 more times and then ponder on what kind of blade to make with this as a jacket material.



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