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Watch who is watching you, and your credit cards

Steve Sells

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reposted from a freind:


...for all the warnings - I got usurped.  Got a call last night from Visa........ to confirm some questionable charge activity.  My card data had been heisted and used...........  only a single transaction and not for much $$$.  But it happened.  They tell me my card was likely photographed at a check out counter.  These new phone cams have enough resolution that they can capture those little numbers on a credit card.  They take the data and make a new bogus card and use it.  


I keep my info pretty tight and was surprised to know I got purloined.  Holidays produce opportunity, I was advised.  You get into hectic shopping arenas and think less about the crowds around you.  You become preoccupied with purchases and just pray to get checked out and done shopping at the store.  Pay attention to your cards and how you deploy/display them.  My penalty?  Downtime on my debit card at the worst time of the year.  Now I gotta write some checks.  Be careful.

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