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Hey everyone.  Just recently started getting into blacksmithing, just to make an oyster knife.  I know its not much of an excuse, but I usually dont need much reason to start doing something and I imagine there are many people on this forum that are the same way.  After scouring this from the other night i decided when i got off work that morning i was going to build my forge and here it is.



pieces from my scrape pile.  already had the pipe and the flange was came on it when i found it.


(I know its galvanized, I have read many things on galvanized metal years ago when i was teaching myself to weld.  I know its bad and will either burn it off with my oxy/propane or use some acid.  Im aware of the dangers of the fumes and will take precautions.  I am new to blacksmithing, but not to metal working.  Just letting everyone know that there isnt replies warning me)  for welding i usually just grind it off, but i think burning it was just be faster and easier.




Welded the 3 pipes to the bottom of the rotor




the pipe is 2.25"  I used a 2.25" hole saw to drill into the side of the pipe.  I think i should have drilled the hole a little closer to the flange, but if it doesnt work well i will just patch the hole and move the pipe.




next I used I think a 2.5" or 2.75" holesaw to cut all the way thru the pipe.  this is so that i didnt have to buy a tee and get the pipe threaded.  I am just going to weld it up.




all welded up.  




Starting to look like something useful now.




These are just some exhaust fittings that i got that fit well inside the pipe and on the outside of the pvc pipe.






Simple tack on either side the hole flange and pipe come in thru the top of the rotor.  so if I want to remove it i will have to cut this little exhaust fitting so it will pass thru the rotor.  started to think i should have bolted the flange to the bottom of the rotor, but i was already on track doing it this way and figured if it doesnt work well then i can always change it.




the pvc end fits into the pipe in pretty well and does not need to be clamped so i will be able to just remove air supply pipe as needed for storage.




I used a piece of flashing and cut a hole in the middle to fit the flange and cut the outside so it sat inside the rotor this was to cover the holes that the wheel studs went thru.




bolted the flange down.  just used some large washers on the bottom to catch the edge of the rotor.  seems to work well.  Im not worried about the bolts rusting or seizing.  If I have to redo anything i will just cut them off. no big deal.


I used some rebar as a grate.  Maybe to much opening.  I dont know yet.  


Again I am aware of the dangers of galvanized metal.  




My air supply.  its a homemade leaf blower that i made out of my neighbors vacuum that he was throwing away.  I got off work and saw it sitting there and decided i would take it apart just to see how it worked.  found that the motor still ran fine and noticed that I can collect the air so i just put it together.  I had no intentions for this to be an air supply.  


In the picture you can see the receptacle that i put together with a dimmer switch.  I have read that the dimmer switch with burn out if used to much in one position, but for $6 i figured i will burn 1 or 2 up before i decide to get something different. 




At last, FIre.  I am using wood charcoal in his picture.  I have yet to fine a good supplier of coal locally, but im on the look out.  seems to work pretty good so far.




Here is my oyster knife.  I know its another RR spike deal nothing special, but its what i had and wasnt going to be upset if i ruined it.  Im not thrilled with how it came out, but for my first attempt i think its ok.  I can do better.





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A few changes that I am planning on already.


1. I am going to put the ring of the rotor back on or weld some plate so that i have at least some sort of shelf around the forge itself.  I have found why that is useful now


2. I havent fully decided if i want to get a paint can of water to put the down pipe in or make a trap door for it yet.  its kinda nice having it open on the bottom.  i have found that it helps regulate air to the forge and if i need more air just had to lift the toe of my boot to cover the opening and it will force all the air to the forge.  so thats still a working thought.


3. I have added a T fitting to the pvc with a ball valve so if im getting to much air i can open that and let the air flow from it before it even gets to the forge.


4. I am going to add some elbows to the pvc pipe so that it sits on the ground.  the pipe is in the way as it sits on the chair like that.


Let me know what yall think. 

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The galvanizing is gone now. I am kinda liking thr vacuum motor. I can turn it down to pretty much no air movement and able to really crank it up when using coal. I do think the flex is a good idea so I can aim the motor in any direction. So I will probably to that

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