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I Forge Iron

Scroll Designing

Frank Turley

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One time, I made 8 funky scrolls to help me with my designing. They are S-scrolls and C-scrolls. A guy could also make a few single scrolls. I put them on the floor and started moving them around, and they were helpful, being back to back, belly to belly, and staggered.



Sayings and Cornpone

"Nothing happens unless first a dream."

     Carl Sandburg

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I have found that for a quick evaluation of something some cheap steel tie wire is useful and can be quickly shaped by hand. Its not quite the full effect, but does provide a quick look, and certainly beats my drafting skills and saves on materials. I have also used wire creations as 3D models for reference while forging.  I have only done this when I already had an idea in mind but think taking a few scrolls patterns and seeing what can be created from different combinations could be very productive, and fun : ) .

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