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Questions about my new rivet forge.


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Well after helping a lady with her estate sale the past few days I was given a small rivet forge and a few other things that didnt sale as payment. :D  post-42941-0-10950800-1375068194_thumb.jpost-42941-0-77512900-1375068550_thumb.j I would really love to find out as much info as I can on it and maybe find some pictures of what it originally looked like because I would like to restore it to as close to as original as possible. I'm assuming the forge was some type of kit or something of the sort because all of the different components have the letter F then a number cast into it. post-42941-0-27992800-1375068896_thumb.jThe blower says "A John Jr. F2 NO Chicago ill" post-42941-0-57325600-1375069614_thumb.jThe forge seems to have been modified in some really interesting ways. From what I can guess it look like it was set off to run off a belt drive and a air throttle added. post-42941-0-37950400-1375069207_thumb.j  post-42941-0-50961600-1375070084_thumb.j But what worries me is that it looks like when the mods were done all the gears were taken out of the gearbox on the blower. :wacko: post-42941-0-10061300-1375070419_thumb.j post-42941-0-51313100-1375070785_thumb.j post-42941-0-92208100-1375071205_thumb.jSo if anyone knows of a matching blower sitting unused in someones shop let me know.  :rolleyes: Other than the grate being in rough shape post-42941-0-46479800-1375071664_thumb.jthe rest seems to be in really nice shape with no chips or cracks, breaks, or repairs. Worse come to worse I could use it as a belt driven unit but that would just be to easy. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also here are some of the other things I got. post-42941-0-48922800-1375072043_thumb.j post-42941-0-29086200-1375072455_thumb.jpost-42941-0-92776900-1375072753_thumb.j

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Those blowers look like what they moved too when the crank blower crapped out on them, or they got tired of cranking.


You may be able to find parts online... wouldn't know for certain as I've never looked for a hand cranked blower, or parts for one.


The grate is still functional and that's all that matters, a crack and some rust is nothing to worry about in a working forge. at least when it comes to the grate.

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