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Got my 118# PW off the stump today.

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I got my 118# PW off the stump and onto a more stable stand. It is a piece of 14" pipe with a 1/2" base plate with 3 pads under for stability, filled with dry sand and topped with another 1/2" plate floating on the sand. I just need to make anchors to pull the anvil and its base plate tight to the sand. I am sort of hoping for some ideas from members, I am considering a plate under the heel and horn with a large diameter set screw with dogs along the anvil base to keep the anvil centered. lIf I need to remove the anvil I can loosen the set screws and turn it 90* and lift it out.Mostly reason for that is to eliminate knee busters on the outside of pipe. I got the basic idea from being in Frank Turley's shop for a week, thanks Frank. I'd appreciate any better ideas or any reason not to use the set screws.

Thanks in advance.



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Greetings Solano,


PW  are easy to mount... They have that nice flat on the bottom... I use a  6in "Z" bracket with 2 screws ... In your case you could weld 2 studs for each end.

I assume that there is a floating 1/2 plate on sand ???


Hope this helps


Forge on and make beautiful things..   Jim

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I think having the pipe envelope the anvil at the base is a mistake. It will fill up with slag and it blocks access to the feet where your best oportunity is to push DOWN the anvil. Once clear of the 'skirt' a loop of chain around the anvil that fastens outside the pipe below the horn and heel with a static hook for the chain on one side and a threaded hook that passes through an eye welded to the pipe on the other will cinch it down hard....

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I had my 300 pound PW on sand for at least 15 years.  I used 2 layers of 3/4" plywood glued and screwed together as the setting surface over the sand .    By all means Z clip the anvil down to whatever you  use as a base.   


The problem that I had was that the anvil would tip away from my work side  of the anvil under use.   The clips should cure this problem.  Use a shop vac ocassionally to remove the scale and other debris.

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I like Jim's idea of the Z clipping the anvil to your 1/2" plate .  This will in effect add mass to your anvil as well as stabilizing it .  The anvil should act as a somewhat larger anvil  resulting form both the stabilizing effect of the larger base and the additional weight.  


I changed from sand to a log base primarily for the convenience of being able to use my overhead track system to lift and move the anvil as a unit other wise my PW would likely still be on sand.  Both systems work and we each choose the way that works for us or as preferences may dictate.  

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