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New folk from Paterson, NJ and...everywhere!


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HI everyone , 


I'm Thibault (pronunciation: TEE-BOW) and I'm also part of the big blacksmith's family!


I did my training and most of my modest experience in south of France.


Now I'm in the US and i work in ESPERANTO (LMC's sister) in New jersey. They both have website if you wanna check us out.


i like forging, knife making, sculpting, and metal working in general.


i also like diving, rugby and martial arts.


i hope to talk with you guys, share our stories  and maybe one day meet each other for fun or business!!


See you on the forum!

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Welcome aboard Thibault, glad to have you. Please put your general location in the header, you might be surprised how many IFI folk live within visiting distance. You've found friendly company, we love nothing better than pictures, good stories, good info and good questions. Last but not least, good jokes, puns especially. . . Well, okay I love puns, I'm sure I drive some of the guys here nuts but that's okay, they're nuts already. <grin>


Frosty The Lucky.

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Hey Thibault,

                        Check out the New Jersey Blacksmiths Association, they are an active group. Also the Northeast Blacksmiths association. We have a weekend long meet twice a year. The first weekend in October, and the first weekend in May. Our meet is about 1-1/2 hours from Patterson New Jersey. I am up in the Hudson Valley, contact me if you're ever coming up to the country. 

                                                                                                                                      Mark Emig

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Thank you for your welcome!


@mark: thank you for those contacts. I'll do my best to come for your meet!! i don't have a car so far, but when i will, i could visit you. Same for you guys: if someone comes around Paterson (NJ) then drop a message and we'll see each other!

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