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Kidney Stones


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Are they fun or what!!:o
Personally, I think they would make a great court-ordered punishment for misdemeanors. Or, for those really toughened repeat criminals, let them trade off a year in prison for a month of kidney stone.:o:o

I just got back from a multi-hour visit to the ER for, what I found out was, a kidney stone. I can only say it truly created a tremendous amount of vaccuum

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my wife gets them, fortunalety I was not blessed with malady, but I have other maladies that more than make up. Isn't Old Age your (feeble years) fun, just one wild ride after another like going to a carnival and buying a life times worth of tickets. LOL

One day at a time and hope the next one is not near as bad as the last one.

Cookie had some bad stones when we were dating, she was taken to ER by ambulance. I just shut down the shop and headed for KC, really surprised her, she was ready to call ambulance again. I stayed there a week and took care of her, 3 or 4 trips to hospital and OR. It might have influeced her to say yes when I popped the question.

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Oh man!! I haven't had a kidney stone since 1994 and I still vividly remember the discomfort - read excruciating, unrelenting pain. That was the third one I was hospitalized for.
When my wife was discussing how bad the pain was her evil twin sister exclaimed that the pain was nothing like what a woman has to endure for childbirth - being childless one wonders where she becomes an expert on these things. My mother-in-law spoke up and said she has had one kidney stone and given birth to nine children in her lifetime and she would take giving birth to another child over another kidney stone.
It feels like someone very large and very strong has a death grip on your scrotum. And it feels sooooooo good when the stone finally makes it down to your bladder and the pain stops.


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Irnsrgn, your comment "Isn't Old Age your (feeble years) fun" proves it. turning 40 means you're old. My 40th is a month or two away. congrats on scoring the right points for catching a great wife, by the way.

as for pain, I tried to think of a way to make the pain go away and death was an option at one point. if not an option, at least preferable. I talked to my mom (she was hospitalized with a nasty one) and she said that she could still remember all three of her childbirth experiences and said that the one stone she had was worse than the three put together.

I feel so much better now though. finished passing it this morning with no problems.

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