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Picked this up using the "old car speed parts" method. Very faint making for the name, but give what I have and maybe you can help. Pretty sure it's steel due to crisp(for a beat up anvil) "ring" and a spark/grinder test done in a discrete place . something Boilermakers still use. One side says SOLID arched over 0    3    13. The weight.   Over this are the words MATEN  or MALEN. The EN is the only legible thing as far as the name. The T is questionable and the MA are speculation. There is a second word in the name I believe due to the placement of the first name over the word SOLID.            post-40527-0-56398500-1370874052_thumb.jpost-40527-0-70184200-1370874086_thumb.jpost-40527-0-27419700-1370874119_thumb.j

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Peter Wright had a few different stampings through their history according to Anvils in America.  The one I am most familiar with is as follows:


They had the name stamped, usually with "Patent" under the name.  "Solid Wrought" was usually stamped in a circular pattern.  After about 1910, the word "England" was stamped.  Then the weight in the hundred weight system was stamped at about the waist level.  There were usually characters stamped on the front of the feet as well.

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