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Somewhat busy day

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Well I've finally been able to get out to the forge! I spend most of the day forging and got some practice in and made a few cool things in the process! All of them happen to me necklace pendants. I made a wing, my first snake(which I am pretty proud of despite the lack of eyes, I need to make myself an eye press...), my second attempt at a leaf, which the lines came out as a failure, my first heart(the point needs to be pointier but oh well, I still like it.), and my first attempt at an arrow head. I think I know where I need to improve but I'd love to hear what you guys have to say! Thanks for looking!



post-25041-0-51969400-1368850263_thumb.j  post-25041-0-91409700-1368850269_thumb.j  post-25041-0-34336200-1368850280_thumb.j  post-25041-0-09664000-1368850291_thumb.j  post-25041-0-95862700-1368850299_thumb.j

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Those look pretty darned good. I'm thinking the wing is the piece you need to work on most. the snake could use eyes but it still looks like a snake. all you need to do is come up with an amusing story about it being some kind of cave snake or alien space snake not needing eyes.


The heart is well on the way to being a charming little muppet like critter. bulge the scrolls a little and it has bug eyes, needing only a tongue or nostrils. Making the point pointier and it'll be a fine heart but I like muppets.


The arrow head looks good as is though the notch could be more square across the back and the center part wider. you could try a Clovis point, they have a nice graceful profile and the center flute would look nice on a forged piece. with practice you can represent the shock ripples of the concoidal fracture and it'll look sweet.


Frosty The Lucky.

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The snake could be a blind snake, they inhabit several areas of the country, here in AZ the Desert Coral Snake eats them, they look like earth worms. The coils of the heart are an ancient symbol and if you hammer the rod for the point first and then make the coils last you will have a sharper point for the heart. If you can do a search of Brian Brazeal's work you will find many helpful tips on forging jewelry sized objects. Keep working at it and it will come to you.

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