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Seized blower success - electrolysis

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I've seen a few posts on here regarding electrolysis but had to share my success story. I built a tank recently and have been pleased with the results. I got to forge with a Smith here Monday and asked him if he had anything I could clean up for him. He had a blower which after soaking in many different things as well as other methods over the last 3 years, had been unable to free it up. After the first night I was able to rotate it with a little force, next day little more rotation with some channel locks, few squirts from a spray teflon lube and you can turn it with your finger tips. Feels good to have played a role in bringing this blower back to a useful life.


The process is pretty simple and inexpensive, if you haven't given it a try, you should. I know all of you have or know where some rusted tools or steel is  : )  .



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I have a blower just like that!!!


I've tried every "soak" method I could find and it's still frozen solid.  Doesn't look like anything's mechanically jamming the gears, but I can't get even the slightest wiggle in the gears.


I'll have to give electrolysis a try......

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