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Hi, i'm new at this and in the process of making my first forge. I tested out my venturi burner, a kit for which I bought and assembled, so could someone perhaps tell me if this is what the flame is supposed to look like?


@ 5 psi

post-38555-0-25204100-1368573896_thumb.j post-38555-0-06049500-1368573898_thumb.j


@10 psi

post-38555-0-24933600-1368573933_thumb.j post-38555-0-99287800-1368573934_thumb.j



and is the flare supposed to get this discolored after about 45 seconds of use?

post-38555-0-27867200-1368573949_thumb.j post-38555-0-09050400-1368573951_thumb.j 



looking at the pictures and at the burner, the flame at 5psi looks slightly angled, and upon examination the flare isn't exactly centered, so that's something I can fix. Is there anything else that should be different?



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That's what the flame should look like but you've caught the one tune up issue to clear up. At 5psi the flame is off center a bit and if the flare is off, straightening it may fix it. the flare is blue on the hot side, move it a fraction of an inch THAT direction and test burn it. At 10psi it looks good. If straightening the flare doesn't do it you may have to tweak the jet but be careful and test after each little nudge. Change one thing at a time ONLY, then test run it. Never change more than one thing or you'll never know what did what.


Sure the flare is going to show temper colors, at 10psi, that's probably putting out a couple hundred K btus per hour. I can't tell for sure but it looks to be a 3/4" tube. If so this should be plenty to bring a 300-350 cu/in forge chamber to welding temp. The flare is going to be glowing a cheery orange at temp.


Frosty The Lucky.

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It's my pleasure. Don't sweat it, I can ask for the details I need. It just helps to be as specific as you can when asking questions. I know that's hard in a new field, often you just don't know enough to ask good questions or sometimes understand the answers. Happens all the time, been there, heck still am, just part of the learning curve, no sweat.


Looking forward to seeing the next test run.


Frosty The Lucky.

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so i tested it again today after slightly modifying the flare position, but I discovered that i didnt quite drill the set screw holes all in the same place so it can possibly sit correctly. I guess I'll be drilling more holes.

An also while it was running I heard a hissing noise from one of the joints so I turned it off and am stripping the pipe nipple trying to get it out of the valve... I used the right amount and type of teflon tape so I'm not sure why its leaking if its threaded in that hard... but ill wrap it again and see if it still leaks


but anyway, heres 5 psi



and heres ten



they both look a good bit less bright this time, a lot more blue.. and the orange is almost completely gone from the ten psi one

and I also tried it on 15 psi, it didnt look much different from it at ten, except being bigger and louder.

Also I noticed that the part the gas comes out of is not perfectly angled down the center of the shaft, its close though.. what could that cause?


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And I fixed the leaks (there were more than one) and its looking a lot brighter than it was before, thought still not as much orange flame at 10 psi and up as it did the first time I tested it, hopefully that's not important


heres 5psi with leaks stopped



and heres ten



though i still havent fixed the flare issue



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