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Manganese, hasteloy, nickel

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I have some chain from an Esco paddle chain for carrying away wood chips and bark.


Normally I would just heat it up and put it under the hammer to see what happens. I'm sure


its going to be "obstinant" to say the least.


Any thoughts?


The links are about 10" long x 5" wide and 1 1/8" in diameter



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The chain came from a hog fuel storage building. The mill made studs and mostly plywood. The chain ran to the hog fuel boilers. I have a bunch. 

I have a couple of landscaping projects for some but I'd like some thoughts on what I could be doing with it in the forge, tooling, etc. 


There are also some quick links. Burly, with a E90** symbol on them. Is that the alloy?


Here's the hog fuel building. 60ft tall. The upper catwalk looking thing going in the end was where the chain resided before the demo. 



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Sent an email to the supplier. 


Hi Darin,

Thanks for your email and I hope I can provide you enough information for your use of these castings.

The loop chain is made from Hadfield manganese which is a work hardening steel used most in applications where there is repeated impact to generate a hard surface while maintaining a strong ductile core.  Think of crusher parts and liners for ball mills.  If the material is heated beyond 600 deg F it will become brittle and weak.  After any hot working of the material it must be heated to 1900 deg F and quenched in water for it to become strong and ductile again.  Initially it will only be around 250 BHN hardness but as the surface is impacted it can harden up to 550 BHN.

The other castings are 8630 alloy steel in a normalized condition.  This material can be hardened to around 400 BHN to provide good strength and hardness.

Best regards,

Matthew De Steur




Technical Sales Representative
Office: (604) 882-1602   Fax: (604) 882-1603  Cell: (604) 839-1402
Unit# 205, 9710 - 187 Street, Surrey, BC, Canada   V4N 3N6



 Anyone with info/experience on forging Hadfield manganese? I had some success with a small pry bar but then had a chunk

come completely apart after breaking it down some. I was tending towards the high temp side. Hot short?


Wikipedia answered my question. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mangalloy

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