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Identify anvil with bolt holes

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I bought an anvil that is 28 long by 13 1/2 high and 4 1/2 wide. It has bolt hole projections on each side (parallel  with the anvil). The only photo I have seen with bolt holes is an anvil the owner says he thinks it is an old Army anvil.

No markings that I see. Would I be close in saying it weighs about 250#?


It has a nick where I can see a plate about 1/4 thick welded to the top.

No pic yet but will post.


Also, I'd like to set it on a stump so what is a good wood for a base?






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Fisher anvil, cast body and a tool steel plate on top, good quiet anvil for close neighbors. Looks like it is missing most of the plate over the  horn: not a deal killer, and could be repaired at some point if it gets in the way. Early models had a raised eagle on the side, late models had a paper label which was easily destroyed.


There are numbers clearly visible on the foot under the horn, which may help date it. Probably some others if you look around, a 25 would mean 250+/- pounds.

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I paid $300 for the anvil. Probably too much? I looked at the base under the horn. There was something there at one time. You can see it but not discernible now. It is to the left of the bolt hole. I could not find any remnants of an eagle anywhere.




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