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Knife Making Class Log 116: advanced handle ideas

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Rich Hale
We have pretty well covered hot to cut fit punch slot guards and install them.  But another way of putting on a guard we need to cover is with a coffin joint handle,  Mostly on big knives.  If you use a slotted guard slipped and use stag or solid wood handle slid over tang,,with or without butt cap,,,all is well However if you wish the guard to go above the spine and below the ricasso You cannot use a slotted guard like this onepost-2529-0-50340600-1363834773_thumb.jp  The first knife we did for this series we forged a tang on the blade and punched a hole in guard, filed to fit and jb welded in place
That blade looks a little like his one  post-2529-0-65005400-1363834729_thumb.jp  So we can slide a guard over and put in place,  We can slot a guard and solder in place But if we want the guard on top and bottom and wish to use scales,  We can make a coffin joint In the last pic is another piece of steel with a vee slot in one end Goes on like this post-2529-0-08140700-1363834749_thumb.jp See the little gap where it leaves a space for the guard? WE need to fit that to the thickness of the material for the guard post-2529-0-63954300-1363834736_thumb.jp here I laid guard metal over and marked where to cut the add on piece of metal You can see the lines marked I will fit the guard nice on the tang
Then fit that handle piece until it pushes up tight to the guard and is nice fit over the tang stub I leave enough guard material on spine and edge side to finish later I then silver solder the handle piece to the tang  Then I solder all of the places that will show when completed around the tang I then silver solder the handle piece to the tang Then I solder all of the places that will show when completed around the tang I have kinda laid out some dots along this handle post-2529-0-89973100-1363834700_thumb.jp  I can drill them in what ever pattern I wish  i found this via google It has four pins, use however many you wish
using the same metal or does it matter?
 Rich Hale
Same metal same thickness thanks for reminder
what do you use to protect the HT of the blade when silver soldering Rich ?
Rich Hale
Aluminum jaws in vise or the little clamp I made, I will find a pic,

steve sells
Since rich brought up handles I may as well follow up with pommels, or Butt caps for some. some designs want more than just letting the wood or leather handle end, so we add something... thispost-2529-0-08241300-1363834715_thumb.jp is a fairly simple method I hard soldered brass into a ring the same size as I finished the wood . inserted a brass oval sized to fit inside and also hard soldered that in place, and glued a carved bone cabochon well I did plate it in sterling silver before adding the bone carving but stones or engraving works as well.

next up was for a sword where I needed a insert and pommel of old wrought iron, then etched after, I mentioned a little of this one last week post-2529-0-75371300-1363834721_thumb.jp  that was abnormal for a mounting as I got the pommel and the insert band made then spot welded it with th MIG to hol in place, then glued in the wood around it then double coat of varnish to protect the wood, and hand etched with Q tips and ferric chloridee, after I neutralized and cleaned up thge excess varnish these are not average or even normal but some times we have to think outside the box, and improvise
Stone work also can be used as spacers, post-2529-0-58860900-1363834765_thumb.jp  this one has a slice of Jasper set in the guard you don't know annoying until you have to drill holes in that, I ruined the first two I tried the point I am trying to make is experimentation is ok, and can have nice end results. dont be afraid,. if we mess it up, remove it ans try again, or try a new idea...

show and tell time

Rich Hale
A pair of 1095 and 15 N 20 twists with a little nickel striping in the middle post-2529-0-47824600-1363834758_thumb.jp


HC and pure nickel


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