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OK here is the forge I built. The frame and wheels was a fancy mobile trash can that the door broke off so it was tossed into the trash. Perfect for my use! I torn all the wood on it off and had myself a mobile forge platform!


The next find was the fire pot. I actually found 2 of these things not really sure what they were for (they say water grade something or ether on them) might be water main caps or something, but they were on the side of the road where they must have fell off a truck or been left behind. Cast iron with a 2" threaded hole in the center....PERFECT!  They also had some 2" piping in them that I was able to cut up and re-thread to use.


Next was the 120v blower I found in the trash. Bearings were froze up on it. I took it completely apart and cleaned up the shaft and bearings with emery cloth till it looked like new. Drilled 2 very small holes in the casing where the bearings are held so I can oil it whenever I want. I found a variable speed controller that manages up to 3amps ( motor is 1.54amps) 


Welded up a frame for fire pot to sit in to make it removable, sliding ash dump from some scrap, made a mount for fan, fabricated a clinker buster (red turn valve) threw on some hi-temp paint and taadaa! 


Took me a few months of keeping my eye out for suitable parts but this was all free. Just wanted to put this out there so people can see forges can be made super cheap. As soon as my "anvil" is all welded up I will be ready to go.





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