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My first knife


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Hi all, I'm new to the forum and I'd like to share the first knife I have made. It is a farrier rasp with a hickory handle (off cut from hardwood flooring) and the pins are copper from a hydro pole ground wire. This is my first post as there is so much great information on this forum just waiting to be searched. I am new to blacksmithing and using my newly built propane forge I heat treated it and then tempered it in the kitchen oven. I know it is a good high carbon steel by destroying one of the rasps, it will shatter when quenched from non magnetic and with a slight temper it has some flex but holds a great edge. I learned a lot playing with the build. I still have lots to learn and look forward to building many more. This was just stock removal, next I will try forging the shape with hammer and anvil.



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That's a very nice first knife! Sounds like you studied up before attacking it, smooth move. Could use a sheath :D

No matter what you do, never sell or give it away. 

Forging is a different beast. Practice first with mild steel - I probably needn't elaborate because (as you know) it's all on the forums.

I look forward to your next piece!

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Thanks, yes I do need a sheath now, I have never done leather work but have been looking at ordering some Kydex and giving it a shot. Will take the advice and forge my first knife out of mild steel :-). I have a buddy that is a guitar maker and has offered up different types of exotic wood for the scales, look forward to making my next one.

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