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Shop notes for the end / night table


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Here are the shop notes for the four legged end table I just finished making. Anyone is welcome to try to make it, just don't tell everyone that it's your design or something. If you have questions I will be happy to help.


The Four Legged End Table 008




General overview


The table width is aproximately 16-inches

The height was originally 24-inches, but the leg length in the notes below yielded a slightly shorter table.

The top is 2-inch walnut strips glued together in a 20-inch square. It was sanded to 220 grit and then coated in Spar-Urethane. It is .75-inch thick. 

All measurements are done in decimals so that the numbers automatically get changed over for folks on the metric system. The more difficult decimals have their fractional English equivalents listed as well.

These notes are not a step-by-step instructional on how to make the table. It is simply general information about stock allowances, measurements, and some notes that need to be remembered to speed up production.

These notes and measurement results I got, may vary depending on your methods, tools, and techniques.

Check all measurements to drawing before forging.

.625-inch (5/8-inch) square bar                                                
31.5-inch cut length
Upset one side 1-inch                                            
Center punch the center of the bar 3.75-inches from upset end of leg. Make a haberman square corner bend with the center punched mark in the center of the corner.
The centerline measurement of the half circle leg bend is 22.125-inches. (1/8th-inch)
Stock growth from square corner is 0.5-inch total, or 0.25-inch on each side of center punch.
Measure 21.875-inches (7/8-inch) from center of first corner and center punch the center of stock. Make second square corner. This should allow for .25-inch of stock growth from the corner.
Centerline measurement between the centers of both corners should be 22.125-inches.
Bend the half circle leg around to a 14-inch inside diameter circumference.
Find the common center of all four legs. Measure and trim all legs to the same length from the common center.
Notch the top of each leg .25-inch in depth and .75-inch in height.
This notch is done to the INSIDE of the leg or towards the side of the leg with the circle.

Central Blossom
Central blossom is 0.625-inch (5/8-inch) square stock.  Cut length is 6.5-inches.
Upset each end about 0.5-inch.
Taper each end very bluntly.
Isolate using round fullers, 1.5-inch from stock end, and taper down to 0.375-inch (3/8-inch.)
Taper back leaving about 1-inch of original stock size in the center.
Octagon the blossom ends.
Finished length should measure aproximately 10-inches or more.

Diagonal Filler Scrolls
Diagonal filler scrolls are 0.625-inch (5/8-inch) square stock. Cut length is 3-inches.
Leave 1-inch of true material in the center. Taper each end to an even consistent taper length.
Scroll ends slightly on the diagonal.

Central Collar
Central collar is .25-inch x 1.25-inch stock.
Cut length is 8-inches.
Run three chisel lines down the length of collaring stock.

Top Circle
Top circle is .25-inch by .75-inch flat bar.
Cut length is 47.5 inches. DO NOT chamfer.
Upset both ends and scarf.
Cold bend to an aproximately 15.5-inch centerline diameter circle. Check diameter to the average distance between the notches in the legs, once the table is assembled.
Forge weld, finish circle and flatten.
Chamfering is now done cold. Mark the location of each leg on the top ring and do not chamfer in these locations.
Centerpunch the underside of the flat bar ring and center punch one table leg. Always line these centerpunch marks up.
Drill four .25-inch holes evenly spaced between each leg.  
Drill the table legs .1875-inch (3/16-inch) and then mark and drill the ring. Line up holes and countersink the back of the holes in the ring so that the rivet head sits flush.

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