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Who made this anvil?

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Bought this anvil .I felt like I stole it. It has 2 0 27 - I guess that means it weighs 315 Lbs. right under that it has a C stamped in it. It rings loud and my hammer bounced off of it like it was rubber.
I thought maybe a Peter Wright? Any help appreciated.






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Kieth that anvil looks an awful lot like one of mine. I have never been able to positively identify the one I have here but yours has some very similar characteristics which I have not seen in any other anvils until your post here.


The position of the numbers very low in the waist is identical to mine.


Below that at the top of the arch between the feet  is a letter stamp, "C" on yours and "B" on mine.


Yours has the stepped feet identical to mine.


I do have a 93 pound Peter Wright with the classic PW logo "Solid Wrought" and the stone weight numbers struck through the center of the logo. This is in the middle of the anvil's side, not like the numbers on your anvil shown here and the one I have which resembles yours identically which have the numbers struck very low in the waist and not up higher in the middle like PW's.


In the center of the front foot is a handling hole on yours and mine in precisely the same place and on both anvils very close to the bottom, maybe just 1/6th" from the bottom edge. Peter Wright anvils don't have that same characteristic with the front handling hole being right down on the very bottom so close to the edge..


I have been told mine is a Peter Wright but I am not convinced. It has no other markings other than the 2-1-17 and the B below that, no Peter Wright logo.


I have also been told mine might be a Boker, made in Germany, possibly under license from Peter Wright.


I think these two anvils, yours and mine, came from the same place.





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112 not 144 for the first number,thanks. me and numbers can't get along.
i have wire brushed it every where , can't find any other markings.
Ferrous they seem to be made the same.Your photos are clear and they show the casting grain of the metal
Is not the finer grain but a coarser grain.As mine also is.
I have a Peter Wright that a friend who ownes a scrap yard gave me,some one
Cashed it in for pennies on the pound.
It weighs around 150 Lbs. when hit with a hammer it does not bounce back at you like this anvil.
On the PW you can see where the top part was added. Not so with this anvil.

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"Casting grain"? No, this anvil is not cast. It is a wrought anvil with a steel face however the surface overall is a bit rougher than my PW. I think the camera flash amplifies this mad makes it appear much more rough than it actually is.

For the most part the partition line between the face and the body is invisible. Just barely discernible on one side in a small area.

You are certainly right about the rebound. Everyone who has used my anvil is astounded at the rebound, the hammer really jumps back off the surface and it is a loud anvil too.

Chimes like a bell. Actually that high pitched peeling ring gets to be quite annoying. I've tried to hush it with a chain around the waist, a 1/4" thick cork mat below it and a big magnet (sold through Cabela's, rated to lift 250 pounds) under the heel but it just won't shut up.

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